Catalogueof Microfilm of the Persian and Arabic Manuscripts

Gugarat Libraries - India


Urwat ul-Wuthqa


MC No.:- 1Subject:- Bioqraphy

Liby. S.No.:-      25

Author:-      Rashid ud-Din Mawdud Lala Chishti bin Ahmad Chishti Faruqi

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 15        Folios:- 617Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله الدينوّر قلوبنا بمحامد اصفيائهبفضلهالعميمو هدانا...امابعد فيقولالعبد الفقير

 الراجيبدانكهوليبر وزنفعيلبمعنياسممفعول...

Remarks:-      Hagiography of the prophet, rightly guided caliphs, descendants ofthe prophet (P.B.U.H.), 12 Imams, Followers, Sufis and spiritualgrandees, and their station of Holiness, miracles and their mysteries,begins from the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) and concludes atShaikhAzizullah. In this text, biographical accounts of the Friends ofAllah(اولياء), spiritual axis(قطب)and Saints of Allah (اولياء), narratedwith authenticity. This biography does not show any alphabeticalorder. Remaining part with m.c. no. 136/1.



Jumuat-e Shahiyah (Maqsad VII, Vol. I)

جمعاتالشاهية(مقصد هفتماز جلد اوّل)

MC No.:-  2Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      48

Author:-      Sayyed Muhammad Maqbul Alam Shahi Radavi (d. 1045 A.H./1635A.D.).

D/o. Inscription:-     1150 A.H./1737 A.D.

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 15        Folios:- 141Language:- Persian

Beginning:-المقصد السابعفيحلغوامضبعضمسائلالمشيخة...ذكر حضراتساداتبودند مذكور

شد كهملكالعلماء قاضيشهابالدّين...

Remarks:-      The above-mentioned person is one of the religious grandees andintellect sufis of Gujarat. He was a gatherer of perfection, and had fullcommand over formal and informal knowledge, and exoteric andesoteric sciences. The collection consists 07 volumes with somemotif''(مقصد)highlighting the mysteries of Almighty Allah, letters and description of the intellects and religious grandees. This part is thebiography of gnostics and mystics(عارفانو صوفيا). It begins with Ibn-eAbdullah al-Id-Rus and concludes at Husamuddin Manakpuri.Remaining part with m.c. no. 41, 83, 85, 136/2, 136/3.



Chehel Hikayat


MC No.:-  3Subject:- Hagiography

Liby. S.No.:-      26

Author:-      Muhammad bin Jalal Shahi Radavi (from 2nd half of 9th century)

Scribe:-      Abdullah son of Mulla Abdush-Shakur, (Pedigree writer).

Script:-      Naskh             Lines:- 29        Folios:- 17Language:- Persian

Beginning:-حمد بيحد خداونديرا سزد كهخانداننبوتبتشريفطهارتازلي...

Remarks:-      These are 40 anecdotes, highlighting virtues and mysteries ofSayyed Muhammad Abdullah entitled as Shah-e-Alam (d. 880 A.H./1475 A.D.) and his father entitled Qutb-e Alam (d. 857 A.H./1453A.D.). He was one of the successors of Makhdum-e JahaniyanBukharai and hailed from Gujarat.



Asrar ol-Khafi fi Ruyat en-Nabi (P.B.U.H.)

 اسرار الخفيفيرؤيةالنبي(ص)

MC No.:-  4Subject:- Sufism

Author:-      Abdul Jalil Ghayathi Qaderi

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 15        Folios:- 33Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله الذيجعلرؤيا الصالحةجزء منالنبوةو الصلوةو السلام...نمودهميآيدچون

اهلاغراضرا در تحصيلمرامو تكميلمهامظاهريو باطني...

Remarks:-      These are the discourses of ourپير و مرشدspiritual guide, ancestors and writer i.e.,قطبالمشايخو الاولياءShah Abdul Jalil Gharib Ullah. It highlights about the mystic pathطريقتprayer نمازand

دعاياستخارهbibliomancy and for the desire of objects fulfilled.


Tuhfat ul-Khollan va Fakehat ul-Jinan

تحفةالخلانو فاكهةالجنان

MC No.:-  5Subject:- Hadith

Liby. S.No.:-      45

Author:-      Muhammad bin Jafar bin Shaikh Bulaqi

Script:-      Naskh             Lines:- 15        Folios:- 13Language:- Arabic

Beginning:-الحمد لله الذيشرفالعلماء بعلمه... و فضلالفقها بتفسير الاحاديثو فصلالخطاب... بعدفافقر عبادالله الباقيمحمّد بنجعفر بنشيخبلاقيجمعخمسو ستونو مائةحديثاً لابتغاء ثوابلله...

Remarks:-      The no. of sayings of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) comes to 165,highlighting on different topics the end damaged and only the 09sayings as per their commentary in this text have been added.

            1.          In honouring goodly sayingكلمهطيبهwith 05 pillars of Islam.

            2.          Virtues of the 05 time prayers in congregation.

            3.          Virtuousity of the paying of alms(زك'وة).

            4.          Bounties of the Ramadan ul-Mubarak(رمضانالمبارك)

            5.          Honour of being on Haj pilgrimage and minor pilgrimage.

            6.          Bountiful prayers upon the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.).

            7.          Bountiful blessings upon Hadrat AbuBakr Siddiq (May Allah be(well) pleased with him).

            8.          Bountiful blessings upon Hadrat Umar bin Al-Khattab (May Allah be(well) pleased with him).

            9.          Generosity of Hadrat Uthman (May Allah be (well) pleased with him.



Lamat ul-Anwar Tarjuma-e- Bahrul-Asrar

لمعاتالانوار ترجمةبحر الاسرار

MC No.:-  6Subject:- Biography and History

Liby. S.No.:-      51

Author:-      Un-traceable

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 153       Folios:- 25Language:- Persian

Beginning:-...حضرتعليهالسلامپرسيد عمر تو چند سالاستگفتيا رسولالله...

Remarks:-      Damaged at both the ends. Description of the created, giants,angels, paradise and hell, a little bit biography of Hadrat-e-dam andHadrat Eve, Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.), from the birth till thereinfusion of the prophet (P.B.U.H.), and the Holy wars against theinfidels took place.The wars of Uhud, Ahzab, Tabuk, Khyber, Meccaand Taif, description of farewell pilgrimage, and in the enddescription of Rightly Guided Caliphsخلفايراشدين .



Takmil ul-Irfan


MC No.:-  7/1Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      12/1

Author:-      Muhammad Ali Mah-e-Radavi

Script:-      Nastaliq               Lines:- 7         Folios:- 17Language:- Persian

Beginning:-بعد از سپاسبيقياسپروردگار و ستايشرسولمختار و مودّتاولاد اطهار...

Remarks:-      Description of the entity and seven demotionsتنزلاتin one مقدمهintroduction and 08فصلand an end has been written.

                        The preface highlights real beings.

Chapter      1.      Knowledge of the Supereme truth.

                  2.      Detailed knowledge.

                  3.      World of Spirits.

                  4.      World of Symbols.

                  5.      Martyrdom.

                  6.      Perfect Man

                  7.      Status of the Manifestation of Truth.



Sharh-e Jam-e Jahan Numa


MC No.:-  7/2Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      12/2

Author:-      Muhammad bin Sayyed Ismail Aurangabadi Bukhari (Commentator)

D/o. Inscription:-     1231 A.H.

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 17        Folios:- 32Language:- Persian

Beginning:-حمد بيحد و شكر بيعد سزايذاتيكهوحدتشمنشاء احديتشد و...

Remarks:-      The text is by Muhammad Shirin Maghribi (d. 809 A.H./1407 A.D.)and wrote on Monotheism, Stages of the Existence, Enlightenment,Unity, Existence, Manifestation etc, Light of Manifestation. Thecommentator has added an extra commentary on it.



Tuhfat ul-Mursalah

تحفة المرسلة

MC No.:- 7/3Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      12/3

Author:-      Muhammad bin Fadlullah Burhanpuri (d. 1005 A.H./1596 A.D.)

Script:-      Naskh             Lines:- 18        Folios:- 5Language:- Arabic

Beginning:-بعد الحمد...امّابعد فقد قالغلامالرسولصليالله عليهو سلّممحمّد بنفضلالله...

Remarks:-      The manuscript is incomplete. Splendour of the self manifestation atsome stages.

                        For the 1st time stage:

                        It is indetermined and applying of essence and genuine and callinghim as essence is attributable.

                        For the 2nd time stage:

                        Intuitive faith is primary.

                        That his (Entity) knowledge comes by intuition.

                        For the 3rd time stage:

                        The knowledge of Almighty Allah reflects in all the living beings.

                        For the 4th time stage:

                        World of Spirits.

                        For the 5th time stage:

                        World of Symbols, World of Living Beings.

                        For the 6th time stage:

                        The collective stages are for his grade of qualities.

                        For the 7th time stage:

                        Status of a man is a perfect man so to say theMessengerپيامبر(P.b.u.H.) and especially sacred names, virtues andvarious stages.


Sharh-e-Bait-e-Daryaye Shahadat


MC No.:-  7/4Subject:- Commentary (poetical)

Liby. S.No.:-      12/4

Author:-      Abdur Rahman Jami (d. 898 A.H./1492 A.D.)

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 18        Folios:- 18Language:- Persian

Beginning:-...امابعد اينكلمةچند استكهبر حسباشارتخدمتامارتمآليسيادتانتسابي...

Remarks:-      Elaborates the verse of Amir Khusraw Dehlvi (d.725 A.H. /1325 A.D.)and elucidates attestation of faith.

                  تيمّمفرضگردد نوحرا در وقتطوفانش                ز دريايشهادتچوننهنگلابرآرد هو

                        In the above-mentioned verse the wordشهادتrefers to لا الهالا الله. Itgives resemblance to oceanدرياfor the reason being surrounded by God the Almighty.




عقايد صوفيه

MC No.:-  7/5Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      12/5

Author:-      Shaikh Khub Muhammad Chishti (d. 1023 A.H./1614 A.D.)

D/o. Inscription:-     1166 A.H.

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 18        Folios:- 5Language:- Persian

Beginning:-بعدالحمد...بدانايعزيز ارشدكالله تعاليصوفيانكهقائلينبوحدتوجوداند...

Remarks:-      The book is unclassified. The book narrates the attributes of theAlmighty Allah, with the qualities which are adorned in him andperfectly illuminated. He has also described the beliefs of the sufis inthe light of truth and attributes of God the Almighty and support ofthe verses and sayings of the prophet (P.B.U.H.).



Jamat-e Shahiyah (Vol. IV)

جمعاتشاهية(جلد رابع)

MC No.:-  8Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      4/3

Author:-      Sayyed Maqbul Alam Shahi Radavi (d. 1045 A.H./1635 A.D.)

D/o. Inscription:-     1206 A.H.

Script:-      Nastaliq Shekasteh      Lines:- 15       Folios:- 132  Language:- Persian

Beginning:-و صليالله عليمحمّد و آلهالطاهرينجمعةالاوليبتاريخپانزدهمماهمحرّمالمكرمسنة

خمسو سبعينو ثمانمائة...

Remarks:-      It consists of 35 chapters calledجمعةhighlighting miraculous deeds of the prophets and the saints. The book has the beginning from15th of Muharram, 875 A.H., and came down on 24th Zil Hijja of thecurrent year.



Jamat-e-Shahiyah (Vol. VI. Pt. I)

جمعاتشاهيّه( جلد ششماز جزء اوّل)

MC No.:-  9Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      48

Author:-      Sayyed Maqbul Alam Shahi Radavi (d. 1045 A.H./1635 A.D.)

Script:-      Nastaliq      Lines:- 15    Folios:- 84Language:- Persian & Arabic

Beginning:-جمعهنخستينغرّهمحرماز سالهشتصد و هفتاد و ششسراجبيتالرضاء سيّد محمّد

بنعبدالله المخاطببهشاهعالم...

Remarks:-      It consists of 35 chapters calledجمعهhighglighting conduct of journey. It begins from Friday, 1st of Muharram in the year 876 A.H.,and came to an end in the Shawwal of the same year.



Ghunyatut-Talibin : Ghunyat-on le-Talibi-e

Tariq el-Haqq (Pt. I)

غنيةالطالبين: غنيةلطالبيطريقالحق(جزء اوّل)

MC No.:-  10Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      23

Author:-      Muhiyuddin Abd ul-Qadir Jilani (d. 561 A.H./1165 A.D.)

Script:-      Naskh             Lines:- 21        Folios:- 316Language:- Persian

Beginning:-بعد الحمد...امّابعد فقد الحّ عليّ بعضالاصحابو شدّد فيالخطابفيجميعهذا


Remarks:-      The marginal notes of the treatise named عقود الجمانفيمناقبنعمانhavebeen given on the book.

                        Remaining part is with M.C. no. 11. The book is on the jurisprudenceon moral values written with the spiritual point of view. Opening linesare as per commentary below:

                        Kitab-e Salat (Prayer Book)

                        Kitab-e Zakat (Alms - giving book)

                        Kitab-e Siyam (Book on the Fasting)

                        Kitab-e Itikaf (Retire from the world) in a mosque

                        Kitab-e Adab (Book of the etiquettes) and...



Kashf ul-Lughat val Istilahat

كشفاللغاتو الاصطلاحات

MC No.:-  13-14Subject:- Lexicography

Liby. S.No.:-      13

Author:-      Abdur-Rahim Ahmad Sur Bihari Hindi

Scribe:-      Abdur-Razzaq bin Shaikh Daud

D/o. Inscription:-     1055 A.H. Spring.

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 21        Folios:- 693Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله ربّ العالمين...امّابعد حمد و صلوةميگويد اضعفالعباد...كهاينفقير اگرچه

قابليتو استعداد...

Remarks:-      The words containing obscure terms are arranged in alphabeticalorder. The mystical terminology has also been included. It iscontinued in M.C. 14/1.



Sharh-e Fusus ul-Hikam


MC No.:-  14/2Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      37

Author:-      Un-traceable

D/o. Inscription:-     1108 A.H.

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 15        Folios:- 440Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله منزلالحكمعليقلوبالكلميعنيسپاسو ستايشمر خداييراستآنخدايي

كهفرود آرندهاستمر حكمتها را بر دلها...

Remarks:-      The text is by Muhiyuddin Ibn-e Arabi (d. 638 A.H./1240 A.D.). In 27thفصلthe commentary is as follows:

            1.          Describes the peculiarities of the Prophet i.e., wisdom in the word ofAdam (حضرتآدم)

            2.          Fashion in the conduct of Hadrat Sheeth. (حضرتشيث)

            3.          Supplications in the manners of Noh.(حضرتنوح)

            4.          Piety in the manners of Enoch.(حضرتادريس)

            5.          Endurance of Hadrat-e Abraham.(حضرتابراهيم)

            10.         Oneness of Hud.(حضرتهود)

            20.         Glory of Hadrat-e-John (Yahya).( حضرتيحيي')

            27.         Individuality of the Prophet Hadrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) The nameof the Commentator is not traceable.



Fuyud ul-Quds


MC No.:-  15Subject:- Metaphysics & Docrtrine

Liby. S.No.:-      35

Author:-      Ahmad bin Sulaiman

D/o. Inscription:-     1140 A.H.

Script:-      Naskh             Lines:- 19        Folios:- 206Language:- Arabic

Beginning:-يا منلايشاهدكالعينو انتشاهد فيالعين...

Remarks:-      It contains marginal notes relating to the belief of Islam. In affirmationof Existent Necessity(واجبالوجود)through it, with 02 chapters called مطلبmeaning as under:

                        Chapter no. 1.      In affirmation of Existent Necessity through it.

                        Chapter no. 2.      In oneness of God.

                        Remaining part with m.c. no. 134



Bahr ul-Maani

بحر المعاني

MC No.:-  16Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      37

Author:-      Bahr ul-Maani

Scribe:-      Sayyed Muhammad bin Jafar Makki Husaini

Scribe:-      Rahman Sharif Farrukhi Mahmudi

D/o. Inscription:-     1291 A.H.

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 11        Folios:- 380Language:- Persian

Beginning:-فولّ وجهكشطر المسجد الحراماما قبلهجاننهاين قبلهجانآنستكهلا اقسمبهذا البلد و

تو داني...

Remarks:-      The manuscript is damaged at the beginning. The above-mentionedperson hails from the renowned saint(مشايخ)of India and one of the successors of Nasiruddin Mahmud Awadhi (d. 757 A.H./1306 A.D.).This collection consists of 36 letters on mysticism written to MalikMahmud alias Shajjan during the years 824 or 825 A.H.

                        Letters deal with:

                        1. Faith, 2. Prayer, 3. Alms - giving, 4. Fasting and Haj pilgrimage, 5.Soul, 10. Divine love, 15. Observation, 20. Secrets of the Holy Quran,30. Dream, 35. Mystic yearning of the reality, 36. Mystical love and itssecrets.



Mafatih ul-Jinan va Masabih ul-Jinan

Sharh-e-Shirat ul-Islam

مفاتيحالجنانو مصابيحالجنان: شرحشرعةالاسلام

MC No.:-  17Subject:- Hadith

Liby. S.No.:-      59

Author:-      Yaqub bin Sayyedi Ali al-Maimuni (Commentator) (d. 931 A.H.)

D/o. Inscription:-     1021 A.H.

Script:-      Naskh             Lines:- 24        Folios:- 324Language:- Arabic

Beginning:-عليكتوكّليو بنبيّكتوسّليحمداً لمنمنعليعبادهنعمةالاسلام...

Remarks:-      The book contains marginal notes. Also contains gilded margins onthe borders. The text is by Rukn ul-Islam Muhammad bin Abi Bakr,known as Imam Zada (d. 573 A.H.). Sayings of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.)have been collected, relating to Islamic path, as well.



Diwan-e Hafiz


MC No.:-  18Subject:- Poetical Collection

Liby. S.No.:-      7

Author:-      Khwajeh Shamsuddin Muhammad, known as Hafiz Shirazi (d. 792 A.H.)

D/o. Inscription:-     1078 A.H.

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 12        Folios:- 226Language:- Persian

Beginning:- الا يـا ايّها الســاقيادر كـاسـاً و نـاولـها                كهعشقآساننمود اوّلوليافتاد مشكلها


Izalat ol-Qina min Vujuh es-Sama

Mawsum beh Naghma-e-Ushshaq


MC No.:-  19Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      15

Author:-      Muhammad Nurullah bin Muhammad Muqimuddin Azam Puri ChishtiSabiri

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 136       Folios:- 15Language:- Persian

Beginning of the Introduction:-ترانهسنجيعنادلاقلامدر خور مقامحمد معشوقحقيقيكهبهكليد نغمةعشاقمجاز...

Beginning of the Text:-بعد الحمد للسميعالذيلهالغنا و الشكر للغنيالذيلهالملكو البقاء، بهنامناطقهآرائيكهبهنشيد كنغلغلةجمالدر چار سويكونو مكانانداخته...

Remarks:-      In the year 1275 A.H./1859 A.D. a prefaceمقدمه, 03 explanations(افاده), 03 chapters(باب)and an end (خاتمه)have been written.

                        Explanation no. 1.      Lexicographical, literal terminology meaning of thewordسماعو غناءmystic audition.

                        Explanation no. 2.      Difference between mystic audition and recitationof the Holy Quran.

                        Explanation no. 3.      Who introducedسماعmystic audition? Permission to useسماعfrom reliable traditions.

                        Chapter 1. Permission ofسماعmystic audition.

                        2. Reliable tradition that the presentغناءthat plays on tambourine and drum (دفو طبل).

                        3. Response found in the verses of Quran and Sayings of theProphet (P.B.U.H.) with particular advantage of music manners ofسماعand conditions for that.





MC No.:-  20Subject:- Poetry

Liby. S.No.:-      43

Author:-      Amir Khusraw Dehlavi (d. 725 A.H./1325 A.D.)

Scribe:-      Muhammad Farrukh bin Shaikh Ruknuddin Chishti Faruqi

D/o. Inscription:-     1124 A.H.

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 116       Folios:- 15Language:- Persian

Beginning:-اينبرجدقائقكهمطلعانوار الهيستو اينحقائقكهمجمعاسرار نامتناهيست...

                                    خطبةقدساستبهملكقديم                          بسمالله الرحمنالرحيم

Remarks:-      This is the 1stمثنويadopted from پنجگنجwhich is parallel to مخزنالاسرارby Nizami Ganjavi, which was composed in the year 698/1299 in 20مقالتessays and dedicated to Sultan Alauddin Khilji. It begins with the praise of Almighty Allah and the Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H.) then starts discourses and essays مقالتas well.

Essay no.      1.      Exaltation of the grades of mankind.

Essay no.      2.      Persistence at the peak of knowledge.

Essay no.      3.      Perfect utterances of Allah the Almighty, Who is the Master of theHeart.

Essay no.      4.      Introducing to One Existent and its Five basic pillars, attestation ofFaith      كلمهشهادتRitual Prayer نمازAlms-Giving   زك'وةFastsروزه      Haj Pilgrimageحج,

Essay no.      5.      Virtuousity.

Essay no.      10.      Regard for Kinship.

Essay no.      15.      Condemnation of the trouble- shooter and live long the well-bredand polite.

Essay no.      20.      Advising the un-born daughter and all ladies. End of the book and      at the end every treatise a legendary has been described.



Majnun va Lili

مجنونو ليلي

MC No.:-  21/1Subject:- Poetry

Liby. S.No.:-      43

Author:-      Amir Khusraw Dehlavi (d. 725 A.H./1325 A.D.)

Scribe:-      Muhammad Farrukh bin Shaikh Ruknuddin Chishti Faruqi

D/o. Inscription:-     1124 A.H.Place: Ahmadabad

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 11        Folios:- 65Language:- Persian

Beginning:-             عقلاز تو شدهخزينهپرداز                        ايدادهبدلخزينهراز  

Remarks:-      He composedليليو مجنونin the year 698 A.H./1299 A.D. parallel to theليليو مجنونof Nizami Ganjavi. About the title of book appreciates:

                                    مجنونو ليليبهعكساوّل                              نامشكهز غيبشد مسجّل


Hasht Bihisht


MC No.:- 21/2Subject:- Poetry

Liby. S.No.:-      43

Author:-      Amir Khusraw Dehlavi (d. 725 A.H./1325 A.D.)

D/o. Inscription:-     1124 A.H.

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 11        Folios:- 91Language:- Persian

Beginning:-ايگشايندهخزانهجود                           نقشپيوند كارگاهوجود            

Remarks:-      It contains marginal notes. It is the last epic out of PanjGunj (FiveTreasures). He composed in the year 701 A.H./1302 A.D.) He hasdescribed the story ofبهرامگورin 335 verses parallel to the هفتگنبد.Opening verses begin with the praise of God, sends his gratitude tothe sacred Mausoleum of the Prophet, (P.B.U.H.,) and his ascensionapplauds his spiritual guideحضرتنظامالدينرح, praising to HadratAlauddin Muhammad Shah, gives piece of advice to his daughter ina separate chapter entitled جلوههشتبهشتand Haft Paikar, speaksabout other epics such aمطلعالانوار، خسرو شيرين، ليليو مجنونو شرحراز سكندريand Then he narrates the main story.

                        Remaining part with M.C. No. 136/5.



Hall-e Mathnavi : Sharh-e-Mathnavi-e-Manavi

حلمثنوي: شرحمثنويمعنوي

MC No.:-  22Subject:- Exegesis in verse

Liby. S.No.:-      68

Author:-      Muhammad Afdal Allahabadi (d. 1124 A.H./1712 A.D.)

Scribe:-      Sayyed Qutbuddin Husaini bin Sayyed Alauddin Hamavi

D/o. Inscription:-     1104 A.H.

Script:-      Shekasteh Nastaliq      Lines:- 19       Folios:- 357 Language:- Persian

Beginning:-             دادهتوفيقمبهحلّ مثنوي                        مر خدا را شكر كز لطفقوي

Remarks:-      This is the Commentary ofمثنويمعنويMathnawi-i-Manvi, by Jalaluddin Muhammad Balkhi (d. 672 A.H.,/1273 A.D., which was completed inthe year 1104 A.H.,/1693 A.D., Six Completeدفترwith titles beginning ofدفتر اوّلand آغاز دفتر ثانيetc., have been written.


Mafatih-ul-Aijaz : Sharh-e Golshan-e-Raz

مفاتيحالاعجاز : شرحگلشنراز

MC No.:-  23Subject:- Sufism

Author:-      Shamsuddin Muhammad bin Yahya Asiri Lahiji (d. 912 A.H./1517 A.D.)

D/o. Inscription:-    

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 35        Folios:- 28Language:- Persian

Beginning:-بهنامآنكهجانرا فكرتآموخت- چراغدلبهنور جانبر افروخت

Remarks:-      It contains marginal notes. The text is by Saduddin Mahmud bin Abdul Karim Shabistari (d. 720 A.H. 1320 A. D.).



un - traceable

MC No.:-  24Subject:- Doctrine

Liby. S.No.:-      41

Author:-      Mulla Ahmad Sulaiman

D/o. Inscription:-    

Script:-      Average Nastaliq      Lines:- 15              Folios:- 321Language:- Arabic

Beginning:-  و الكفر و الكبيرةالصغيرةالنضرةو غيرها امّا عمداً او سهواً...

Remarks:-      It is damaged at the beginning. It highlights religious problemsrelated to the Muslims from Sunnite and Shiite point of view.

                        He gives their views under the titles المقصدand   مبحثrelated to themiracles, omissions, magnanimity of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) and theangels, the object of the saints, discipline of the discipleship.Discourse related to the Imams, their reverence and the subject alike.



Fawaidul Fuwad

 فوائد الفؤاد

MC No.:-  25Subject:-Sufism

Liby. S.No.:-      54

Author:-      Najmuddin Amir Hasan bin Ala Sijzi Chishti, pen named as Hasan,

                  known as Khwaja Hasan Dehlavi, (d. 738 A.H./1338 A.D.).


D/o. Inscription:-    

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 13        Folios:- 250Language:- Persian

Beginning:- اينجواهر غيبيو اينزواهر لاريبياز خزانهتعليمو تلقين...

Remarks:-      These are stages and verbal discourses of the Saint HadratNizamuddin Auliya (d. 725 A.H./1325 A.D.) which the Saint hasdictated to his disciples. He compiled its composing in a period of 14years chronologically. It comprises in fewمجلسso it were started by the description of history with headings :دولتپابوسبهدستآمد، بهسعادتپايبوسرسيدand alike.



Khatima -i- Tarikh Mirat-e-Ahmadi


MC No.:-  26Subject:- History

Liby. S.No.:-      77

Author:-      un-traceable


D/o. Inscription:-      

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 17        Folios:- 626Language:- Persian

Beginning:-در بيانبنياد عرضو طولدور حصار شهر پناهبلدهمعظّمزيبالبلاد احمدآباد...

Remarks:-      Continued with M.C. No 27. It is history of Gujarat particularly ofAhmedabad, Hind. It begins from its inception upto the year 1233A.H. This province came into the hold of East India Company. Itdescribes the sufis and gnostics of that region. From amongst themwere known as Shaikh Jahan, Shaikh Muizud Din, SulaimanShaheed, Sayed Burhanud Din Abu Muhammad, Abdullah Bukhari,known as Qutbul Aalam, Shaikh Ahmad Khatto, known as GunjBakhsh, Sirajud Din Abul Barakat, Shah Muhammad, Raju, SayedJalalud Din, Muhammad Maqbul Aalam, Sayed Jalaluddin MaqsudAalam Sayed Jafar and alike.

                        This manuscript contains a list of some other clans and theirdescription of Brahmans, alongwith the short history written relatingto Kashyap Bhardwaj, Bishvamitra, Gautam and alike.


[Sharh-e-Askandar Namah-i-Nizami]

[شرحاسكندر نامةنظامي]

MC No.:-  28Subject:- Exegesis in verse

Liby. S.No.:-13  

Author:-      un-traceable


D/o. Inscription:-    

Script:-      Nastaliq                Lines:- 15        Folios: 219Language:- Persian

Beginning:- كند كهدر بستلاحقمذكور استراجعبه...

Remarks:-      Damaged at both the ends. Abruptly begins from page 014.



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