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Hakim Mohammed Sayeed Central Library

The library system of Jamia Hamdard consists of Hakeem Mohammad Sayeed Central Library and five faculty libraries. The present resources of the library consist of books (1,30,645), bound periodicals (16,441), manuscripts, rare books, etc. The library subscribes to 90 current journals and gets nearly 150 Indian and foreign journals through gift and exchange on medicine, pharmacy, nursing, science, religion, social sciences, computer science, information technology, management sciences, etc. Many of the books and journals are in Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Japanese and Chinese languages. Library is being computerised and all the books in English will be available through computerised search facility from 1st April 2001.

The circulation of books and journals, in one year, averages about 70,000 and 19,000, respectively. Fifteen dailies are subscribed for the library.

Established in 1960 as a part of Institute of Islamic Studies and the Institute of History Medicine and Medical Research. University Library is one of the oldest Institutions of Jamia Hamdard. With a small beginning as a library attached to Hamdard Dawakhana (Wakf), over the years it has meticulously enriched its collections.

The Central Library of the University has all the required sections including the sections for binding and preservation, art, calligraphy, and reprography. It has two special collection sections viz. Naziria Collection and,). Mallick Ram Collection. They are well maintained and attract many scholars from India and abroad.

The Library has started various computer aided services such as bibliographic service by using CD_ROM databases-MED-line and TOX-line, e-mail service, Current Contents Service, addition of publications, photo-copying service, press clipping service, etc. These services are available to all the members of the faculties, research scholars and student community of the University.

Manuscripts: The library at present contains about 5000 manuscripts, mostly in Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages. Many of these are rare and are of great research value. They cover almost all important areas in the field of Islamic Studies, Medicine and Sciences. Most of these manuscripts are hand written by the authors. Consultation facility has been provided within the section where scholars can consult the available manuscripts at this centre. Efforts are being made to microfilm as many manuscripts from all over the country, as possible. So far, 237 microfilmed rolls have been completed. Printed catalogues of manuscripts of different libraries are also being collected.

Press Clippings: A valuable collection of over 1 million press-clippings has been built up during the last four decades. It is systematically arranged under 500 subject headings.

Museum: The museum is housed on the ground floor of the Central Library Building. It comprises sculptures, glass and porcelain exhibits, instruments, documentary material, charts, diagrams, etc., giving a comprehensive idea of the historical development of different systems of medicine in different parts of the world. It has a threefold purpose. It helps: (a) in teaching of science and culture, (b) in tracing the history of development of medicine, and (c) in assisting research scholars. It has a fascinating panorama of thousands of documents, models, replicas, illustrations, paintings and surgical instruments that map the growth of medical theory and practice from prehistoric to modern times. The display covers all great civilizations of the world and helps both medical students and laymen to grasp the amazing dimensions of science and art of healing. It is proposed to add many new artifacts and museum specimens to make this facility a more useful source of reference and knowledge. A restoration laboratory and a mounting unit are being attached to the Museum.


Studies in History of Medicine and Science


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