After the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Hazrat Ayatullah Khamna'i the spiritual leader of the country paid his attention to reviving the cultural relations with India and to preserving the valuable Islamic works kept in this vast and ancient land to make the coming generation aware of them and able to use them in their studies. Measures were taken to introduce one of the aspects of common scientific cultural heritage. This work started on the occasion of the 400th death anniversary of Qazi Noorullah Shushtari (d.1019 A.H.=1610-11A.D.), the Iranian theologian, traditionist, dialectician, prose writer, and poet.

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The Noor Microfilm Centre was established and named after him, keeping in view the great services rendere this great religious personality. This centre started its function with the following aims and object: 1. Acquainting, introducing and preserving the common cultural heritage Iran and India under the frame work of common Islamic values. 2. Studies and research work with the purpose of reviving and introducing work of the scholars of both the nations. 3. Establishing relations with the research scholars and giving them all possible facilities in their studies regarding their work in the field of common cultural relations between India and Iran. 4. Establishing contacts with the libraries and centres of oriental studies India with the libraries, centres of oriental studies and institutes of Islam studies in Iran, with the purpose of achieving better aquaintence, mutual cooperation in scientific and cultural areas.The Noor Microfilm Centre, with the cooperation of professors and scholars has been able to preserve through microfilms the scientific and cultural heritage, which in some way or other was in a state of deterioration, so that it may be given to scholars for their research purposes.



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