Catalogueof Microfilm of the Persian and Arabic Manuscripts (Vol.I I)

Maulana Azad Library Aligarh Muslim University - India

b)List of the Authors, Compileers and exegelists

c)List of the Titles,subjectwise

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Nasim or-Riyaz fi Sharh-esh Shefa' lel-Qazi `Ayaz (Vol. II)

نسيم‌ الرّياض‌ في‌ شرح‌ الشفاء للقاضي‌ عياض‌ (جلد دوّم‌)

MC No.:-1Subject:- Hagiography

Liby. S.No.:- J. Arabic 83

Author:- Shaykh Shehab od-Din `Ali al-Khafaji al-Mesri (d. 1069 A.H./1659 A.D.)

Script:- Naskh Lines:-31 Folios:-579Language:-Arabic

Beginning:-الباب‌ الثالث‌ فيما ورد من‌ صحيح‌ الاخبار، المراد ما رواه‌ الثقات‌ بسند متّصل‌ و...

Remarks:- This is a commentary upon `Ketab -osh Shefa' fi Ta`rif-e Hoquq-elMostafa by Abol- Fazl `Ayaz ben Musa al-Yahsabi (d. 544 A.H.) in 4 `Qesm¨(parts). More commentaries are written on this work. This manuscript begins withbab (Part III) and also contains Part IV. Part III contains 12 chapters and Part IVhas 30 chapter highlighting divine marks and miracles that the Almighty Allahbestowed upon his prophet (P.B.U.H.,).


Sharh-e Fosus ol-Hekam

شرح‌ فصوص‌ الحكم‌

MC No.:-2/1Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 52

Author:- Shaykh Mohebb ollah Allahabadi (Commentator) (d.1058 A.H./1668 A.D.)

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-25 Folios:-281 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله الولي‌ّ و الصّلوة‌ علي‌ النّبي‌ّ الامّي‌... بسم‌ الله الرحمن‌ الرحيم‌ كلمة‌ باء متعلق‌


Remarks:- The Commentator has dedicated this book to Emperor Shah JahanTaimuri and completed it in the year 1014 A.H. It contains the views expressed byShaykh Ebn-e `Arabi, which were severely opposed by the religious scholars andthe Muslim jurisprudents. He wrote the commentary both in Persian and Arabiclanguages.


Masnavi-ye Ma`navi (Noskha-ye Nasekhah)

مثنوي‌ معنوي‌ (نسخة‌ ناسخه‌)

MC No.:-2/2Subject:- Poetry

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 171

Author:- `Abdol Latif ben `Abdollah `Abbasi Gujarati (d. 1048 A.H./1638 A.D)

D/o. Inscription:- 1090 A.H.

Script:- Nasta`liq Lines:-19 Folios:-122 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-اين‌ دفتر دفتريست‌ از نسخه‌ ناسخه‌ مثنويات‌ سقيمه‌ و مثبت‌ و مروّج‌ نسخ‌ صحيحة‌ مستقيمه‌كه‌ كمترين‌....

Remarks:- The compiler has compared it a number of times with more than 80different copies and editions. Later, it was placed before the learned scholars ofthe time for necessary comparison with the authenticated editions. In thebeginning the preface had so many mistakes and the titles of the stories werealso full of abrogated words. All such mistakes were rectified and the holy versesof Quran, which were very oftenly quoted by Mawlavi; were traced from the holyQuran with the name of Surah, ¢yah and necessary footnotes. Further, thetraditions and sayings of the Prophet and other high ranking Ulemas andScholars were also identified further more, the mistakes committed by the scribessuch as omission of a couplet from the text etc. were rectified by putting themagain in the original text.


Serr ol-Asrar

سرّ الاسرار

MC No.:-2/4Subject:-Ethics

Liby. S.No.:- Arabic Sciences 46

Scribe:- Mir Nawwab

D/o. Inscription:- 1280 A.H.

Script:- Nasta`liq Lines:-10 Folios:-67Language:-Arabic

Beginning:- الحمد لله الذي‌ حرّك‌ السماء علي‌ الامّهات‌ الاضداد و سكن‌ الارض‌ بالجبال‌...

Remarks:- This is translation of Aristotle's famous book entitled `Politica'(374-322 B.C.) which was authored for his pupil Alexander's guidance for rulingthe country and controlling the public and the army with full wisdom.


Mahatam Ekadshi

مهاتم‌ ايكادشي‌

MC No.:-2/5Subject:- Hinduism

Liby. S.No.:- Abdus Salam 471/26

D/o. Inscription:- 1212 A.H.

Script:- Shekastah Lines:-11 Folios:-29 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-روزي‌ سري‌ كرشن‌ جيو به‌ ارجن‌ فرمودند، اگر مي‌خواهي‌ كه‌ در هر دو عالم‌...

Remarks:- Translation from the Sanskrit regarding the special ceremonies to beheld on every Eleventh day of the month in the form of dialogue between Krishnaand Arjun.


Ershad ol-Vozara'

ارشاد الوزراء

MC No.:-2/6Subject:- History

Liby. S.No.:- Abdus Salam 356/126

Author:- Sadr od-din Muhammad ben Zabardast Khan (d. 1151 A.H./1738 A.D.)

D/o. Inscription:- 1240 A.H./1824 A.D.

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-13 Folios:-66 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-بعد الحمد... چنين‌ گويد... كه‌ احوال‌ ملوك‌ و سلاطين‌ ما تقدّم‌ در اكثر تواريخ‌...

Remarks:- Twelve articles on the biographical description of ministers, detailed
as under:

Article No. 1: The description of early Ministers & Kings.

2: The description of Ministers under Bani Ummayads.

3: " " Abbasid Caliphs.

4: not mentioned.

5: The description of Ministers under Ghaznavids.

6: " " ¢l-e Booyah.

7: " " Saljuq-e Shahi.

8: " " Salatin-e Khwarzam.

9: Not mentioned.

10: The description of Ministers under Muzaffarids & Ghoridkings.

11: The description of Qiran-e Amir Taimur.

12: " " Gorgani kings in India.


Masnavi-ye Haft Paykar

مثنوي‌ هفت‌ پيكر

MC No.:-3/2Subject:- Poetry

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 184

Author:- Nezami Ganjavi (d. between 607-617 A.H.)

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-18 Folios:-48Language:-Persian

Beginning:- اي‌ جهان‌ ديده‌ بود خويش‌ از تو صبح‌ بودي‌ نبود پيش‌ از تو


Ehda' ol-Lata'ef fi Akhbar et-Ta'ef

اهداء اللطائف‌ في‌ اخبار الطائف‌

MC No.:-3/3Subject:- Geography

Liby. S.No.:- J. Arabic 260

Author:- Shaykh Hasan ben `Ali al-`Ajimi al-Hanafi al-Makki (d. under 1100 A.H.)

D/o. Inscription:- 1315 A.H.

Script:- Naskh Lines:-25 Folios:-14 Language:-Arabic

Beginning:- بسم‌ الله... و له‌ الامان‌ من‌ زوال‌ الايمان‌ الحمد لله الذي‌ من‌ّ علي‌ سكّان‌ حرمه‌ المحترم‌...

Remarks:- This manuscript belongs to Hasan ben `Ali al-`Ajimi, who describedthe atmosphere and Geography of Taef. It was compiled by `Abdol-Qader benMofti Yahya as-Seddiqi al-Hanafi al-Makki.


Chahar Chaman

چهار چمن‌

MC No.:-4/2Subject:- History

Liby. S.No.:- Abdus Salam 293

Author:- Monshi Chandar Bhan Lahori, pen named ©Brahman¨ (d. 1073 A.H./
1662-3 A.D.)

Scribe:- Lachchmi ben Maharaj Ram Kayasth Bhatnagar ben Ghasi

Script:- Shekastah Nasta©liq Lines:-13 Folios:-90 Language:-Persian

Beginning:- چمن‌ اوّل‌ مشتمل‌ بر سيرابي‌ و شادابي‌ گلهاي‌ هميشه‌ بهار دولت‌ ابد...

Remarks:- The book is consisted of four independent chapters with a preface:

Chapter 1: Consists of the great achievements of the Senior ministers of ShahJahan that is Afzal Khan, Sa`dollah Khan and Ja`far Khan; and their commentsabout the king or minister, who should be judicious in the true sense.

Chapter 2: Consists of detailed account of the daily routine of EmperorShahJahan, his Grand Court, and modern capital named (ShahJahan¢bad)the town in particular located within the limits of his empire.

Chapter 3: Includes an autobiographical sketch and letters by Brahmanaddressed to Emperor ShahJahan and his Ministers, like Sa`dollah Khan,Mo`azzam Khan and Ja`far Khan etc. etc.

Chapter 4: Views and expressions to ©Brahman¨ regarding Religion, Ethics andSufism.


Sharh-e Golestan

شرح‌ گلستان‌

MC No.:-4/3Subject:- Literary Commentary

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 204

Author:- `Abd or-Rasul ben Shaykh `Abd ollah ben Shaykh Taher Qorayshi
Hashemi (Alive in 1073 A.H./1662 A.D.)

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-21 Folios:-40 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-سپس‌ سپاس‌ عليمي‌ را كه‌ علم‌ علّم‌ آدم‌ الاسماء كلها حرفيست‌ از تحفة‌ تعليم‌ او...

Remarks:- Explanation of Arabic lexicograph's difficult couplets from theGolestan has been given. Besides the commentary of Bostan it also contains anintroduction, and divided into 4 chapters, which are called Qesm:

Qesm-e Qoranic verses, Qesm-e Nabavi tradition and sayings of the
Masha'ekh, Qesm-e Arabic and Persian couplets.


Majmu`a-ye Rasa'el

مجموعة‌ رسائل‌

MC No.:-4/4/1-2Subject:- Rhetoric

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 149

Author:- Seraj oddin `Ali Khan, pen named `¢rzu¨ (d. 1169 A.H./1757 A.D.)

D/o. Inscription:- 1239 A.H.

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-16 Folios:-77 Language:-Persian

Remarks:- This collection consists of two treatises with the followingcommentaries:

1. `Atiya-ye KobraFolios: 25

آغاز: ديباچه‌ معاني‌ سپاس‌ حضرت‌ سخن‌ آفريني‌ است‌ كه‌ طبايع‌ بشري‌ را مايل‌ ...

2. Mawahebat-e`OzmaFolios: 52

آغاز: فصاحت‌ مايه‌ معني‌ پردازان‌ ستايش‌ كليمي‌ است‌ كلام‌ آفرين‌ كه‌...


Majmu`a-ye Rasa'el

مجموعة‌ رسائل‌

MC No.:-4/5Subject:-Travelogue - Ethics

Liby. S.No.:- Arabic Paper 2

Script:- Naskh Lines:-21 Folios:-89 Language:-Arabic

Remarks:- This collection consists of 2 treatises with their commentariesmentioned below:

1. Rehla-ye Ebn-e Jobayr Andalosi by Abol Hussayn Muhammad ben

Ahmad ben Jobayr al-Andalosi69 Folios

رحلة‌ ابن‌ جبير الاندلسي‌ از ابي‌ الحسين‌ محمّد بن‌ احمد بن‌ جبير الاندلسي‌

آغاز: شهر رجب‌ الفرد عرّفناالله بركته‌...

2. Resalah fen Nasa'eh20 Folios

رسالة‌ في‌ النصائح‌

آغاز: فضل‌ العقل‌ و اهله‌؛ روي‌ عن‌ النّبي‌ صلي‌ الله عليه‌ و سلّم‌ قال‌ ما تم‌ّ ايمان‌ عبد...


Golshan-e Fayz

گلشن‌ فيض‌

MC No.:-6/1Subject:- Lexicography

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 132

Author:- Golshan-e Fayz

Scribe:- Sayyed Zamen `Ali Lukhnawi, pen named `Jalal¨

D/o. Inscription:- 1209 A.H.

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-15 Folios:-731Language:-Persian

Beginning:حمدي‌ كه‌ شايان‌ ذات‌ باري‌ بود هيچ‌ لغت‌ گنجايش‌ بيان‌ آن‌ ندارد و نعتي‌ كه‌ خاتم‌...

Remarks:- This book is based on Urdu idioms, phrases, proverbs and colloquiallexicons, which were produced into Persian Language by the author. It is entitledas ©Sarmayah-e Zaban-e Urdu¨


Mostalahat osh-Sho`ara'

مصطلحات‌ الشعراء

MC No.:-6/2Subject:- Lexicography

Liby. S.No.:-

Author:- Siyalkoti Mal Warastah (d. 1181 A.H./1767-68 A.D.)

D/o. Inscription:- 1253 A.H.

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-17 Folios:-389 Language:-Persian

Beginning:- بسم‌ الله مجريها مي‌خوانم‌ و سفينة‌ كاغذي‌ در بحر سخن‌ ميرانم‌ الهي‌ شرط‌ توفيق‌...

Remarks:- In the preface the compiler describes that he named his book as©Mostalahat osh-Sho`ara¨, 1180 A.H. the year when the compilation work wasstarted. It is based on the explanation of words and terminologies used by thepoets. The book is composed in the alphabetical order by placing word in theform of ©Tanazor¨ and meanig in the form of ©Manzar¨.


Divan-e Sanjar

ديوان‌ سنجر

MC No.:-6/3Subject:-Poetical Collection

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 756

Author:- Mir Muhammad Hashem Sanjar ben Rafi` oddin Hayder Mo`amma'i
(d. 1021 A.H./1612 A.D.)

D/o. Inscription:- 1196 A.H.

Script:- Shekastah Lines:-16 Folios:-115 Language:-Persian


الهي‌ گنج‌ معنا ده‌ گوهر فروشم‌ راز گفت‌ و گوي‌ امروزي‌ خجل‌ كن‌ قول‌ دوشم‌ را


Tafrih ol-Jenan fi `Elm el-Abdan = Sharh-e Qanuncheh

تفريح‌ الجنان‌ في‌ علم‌ الابدان‌ = شرح‌ قانونچه‌

MC No.:-7/2Subject:-Medicine

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 647

Author:- Sayyed Muhammad Ashraf ben Sayyed Gholam Ghaws, known as
Sayyed Lotf-e Rasul

Scribe:- Muhammad Khan

D/o. Inscription:- 1268 A.H.

Script:- Shekastah Nasta©liq Lines:-17 Folios:-189 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-حمد و ثناي‌ متوافر و شكر و سپاس‌ شايستة‌ ستايش‌ ذات‌ اقدس‌ تقدّس‌ صفات‌ حكمت‌ آفرين‌...

Remarks:- The combined list indicates the name of the compiler as SayyedMuhammad Mosharraf. It was compiled in 1214 A.H., in 5 Maqalas (essays).

Maqalas no. 1. Natural phenomenon.

2. Surgery of the body.

3. Condition of the body, causes, symptoms.

4. Pulse and Urine.

5. Maintenance of health and convalescence of the


Chahar Golshan = Chetra Golshan = Akhbar on-Navader

چهار گلشن‌ = چتر گلشن‌ = اخبار النوادر

MC No.:-7/3Subject:- History

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 81

Author:- Monshi Ray Chetraman Kayastah Saxena (d. 1173 A.H./1759 A.D.)

D/o. Inscription:- 1759 A.H.

Script:- Nasta©liq Shekastah Lines:-21 Folios:-85 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-آغاز نسخه‌: اجزاي‌ چند مسمّي‌ به‌ چهار گلشن‌ مولّفة‌ مظهر دانش‌ و بينش‌ منتخب‌ نسخة‌

آغاز كتاب‌: سپاس‌ بيرون‌ از قياس‌ پادشاهي‌ را سزد كه‌ كرة‌ تمام‌ زمين‌...

Remarks:- Compiled by Chandra Bhan Monshi Kayesth Saxena.

Chapter no. 1. Description of the kings of Indian Provinces

2. Description of the South India.

3. Description of the Provinces around Delhi.

4. Description of the Genealogy of Muslim Saints.


Mo'ayyed ol-Fozala'

مؤيد الفضلاء

MC No.:-8/1Subject:- Lexicography

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 134

Author:- Muhammad ben Shaykh Lad Dehlavi

Scribe:- Akbar Shah

D/o. Inscription:- 1252 A.H.

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-20 Folios:-363 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-محامد متوافره‌ و مدايح‌ متكاثره‌ مرداور دانا و توانا را كه‌ بتأليف‌ چندي‌ حروف‌...

Remarks:- Compiled in 925 A.H./1519 A.D. The dictionary is in alphabeticalorder. One word is divided into 3 chapters:

Chapter no. 1. Description of Arabic words into Persian.

2. Description of Persian words into Persian.

3. Description of Turkish words into Persian.

The End: Numerology and Arithmetics


Majmu`a-ye Tarikh-e Vafat-e Sadat-e Marehrah

مجموعة‌ تاريخ‌ وفات‌ سادات‌ مارهره‌

MC No.:-8/2Subject:- History

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 129

Author:- Hafez Khalil Marehrah

D/o. Inscription:- Within 1291 A.H. (Inscribed by the author)

Script:- Nasta©liqLines:-15 Folios:-151 Language:-Persian & Arabic

Beginning:- تاريخ‌ انتقال‌ حضرت‌ جدّي‌ سيّد آل‌ امام‌ صاحب‌...

توفّي‌ جدّنا في‌ شهر رمضان‌و كانت‌ ذاته‌ ظلاً علينا

فان‌ قيل‌ لك‌ ما عام‌ تاريخ‌فقل‌ الحسنة‌ اورثتموها

Remarks:- The chronogram of some renowned persons of Marehra, who livedduring 13th century, has been composed upto 1248 in Arabic and Persian.


Ma`refat ol-Qolub = `Eshqiyah

معرفة‌ القلوب‌ = عشقيّه‌

MC No.:-8/3Subject:- Sufism

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 54

Author:- Qazi Hamid oddin Nagori (d. 673 A.H./1247 A.D.)

D/o. Inscription:- 712 A.H.

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-15 Folios:-60 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-الله لا اله‌ الا هو و درود بيحدود بر آن‌ طهور كه‌ شهود ذات‌ بر مقصود صفات‌ ذاتست‌...

Remarks:- The book has been written in very simple language mixed withpoetry.It highlights sufistic issues by repeating the words of «هيهات‌ هيهات‌» and«اي‌ جان‌من‌»time and again.


Sharh-e Yusof -o- Zolaykha

شرح‌ يوسف‌ و زليخا

MC No.:-8/4Subject:- Poetical Commentary

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 241

Author:- Sayyed `Omar Balkhi

Scribe:- Mir Akbar `Ali

D/o. Inscription:- 1232 A.H.

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-15 Folios:-42 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-تمهيد اين‌ فصل‌ در استدعا و حصول‌ علم‌ عرفان‌ كه‌ مقصود از خلقت‌ بني‌ آدم‌... الهي‌ غنچة‌
اميد بكشاي‌...

Remarks:- This is a short commentary regarding the book entitled ©Yusof -o-Zolaykha¨ in poetry by Nuroddin `Abd or-Rahman Jami.


Dala'el on-Nabz va Dala'el ol-Bawl

دلائل‌ النبض‌ و دلائل‌ البول‌

MC No.:-8/5Subject:-Medicine

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 646

Author:- Yusof ben Muhammad known as Yusofi Heravi (d. 950 A.H./1544 A.D.)

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-14 Folios:-17 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-بعد الحمد... پوشيده‌ نباشد كه‌ اين‌ سطري‌ چند از صناعت‌ طب‌ّ در...


Shams ol-`Olum

شمس‌ العلوم‌

MC No.:-9/1Subject:- Lexicography

Liby. S.No.:- Farangi Mahal 1032/18

Author:- Nashwan ben Sa`id al-Hemyari al-Yamani (d. 573 A.H.)

D/o. Inscription:- 1275 A.H.

Script:- Naskh Lines:-25 Folios:-445 Language:-Arabic

Beginning:- الحمد لله الواحد القديم‌ القادر العظيم‌ العزيز العليم‌... امابعد فان‌ افضل‌ اللغات‌ و اجل‌ منطق‌...

Remarks:- This book consists of 18 parts and few chapters which have beenexamined. The compiler has devised a novel way to locate the routes of thewords. But his son Muhammad has divided and condensed it into 2 parts andentitled it as«ضياء الحلوم‌ في‌ مختصر شمس‌ العلوم‌»


Divan-e Fereshtah (selection)

ديوان‌ فرشته‌ (انتخاب‌)

MC No.:-9/4Subject:-Poetry

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 279

Author:- Muhammad Qasem Hindu Shah, pen named Fereshtah (d. after 1033 A.H./
1624-5 A.D.)

Script:- Shekastah Lines:-13 Folios:-7 Language:-Persian

Beginning:- اي‌ مرا از رخ‌ زيباي‌ تو صد گونه‌ صفا چشم‌ دارم‌ كه‌ دهم‌ بوسه‌ كف‌ پاي‌ ترا


Tarikh-e Farrokhabad

تاريخ‌ فرّخ‌ آباد

MC No.:-10/3Subject:- History

Liby. S.No.:- Per. Paper 70

Author:- Mofti Muhammad Vali ollah ben Sayyed Ahmad `Ali Farrokhabadi
(d. 1249 A.H./1834 A.D.)

Scribe:- Ahmad `Ali Khan Farrokhabadi

D/o. Inscription:- 1282 A.H.

Script:- Nice Nasta©liq Lines:-17 Folios:-143 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-اي‌ نام‌ تو تاج‌ فرق‌ آغاز و ز نام‌ تو نامها سرافراز

Remarks:- This is the history of Farrokhabad, the Bangash rulers. It is dividedinto 2 parts (Qesmat) and 5 articles/essays (maqalat).

type no. 1. Life of Muhammad Khan Bahadur Ghazanfar Jung Bangash,Muhammad Qa'em Khan Qa'em Jung, Muhammad Ahmad Khan Ghaleb Jung,Delayr Hemmat Khan, Mozaffar Jung, `Emad Hussayn Khan Nasir Jung, KhademHussayn Khan Shawkat Jung and his son Tajammol Hussayn Khan.

Type no. 2. The people settled in Farrokhabad from various walks of life i.e.,Nobles, Sayyeds, Beggars, `Olama, Physicians, Singers, Calligraphists andbiographers etc., etc.


Tazkera-ye Goldasta-ye Sokhan

تذكرة‌ گلدستة‌ سخن‌

MC No.:-10/4Subject:- Biography

Liby. S.No.:- Per. Paper 202

Author:- Mawlavi Saheb-e `¢lam Belgerami Marehravi (d. 1288 A.H./1871 A.D.)

Script:- Shekastah Lines:-23 Folios:-14 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-اين‌ نامه‌ كه‌ خامه‌ كرد بنياد توقيـع‌ قبـول‌ روزيش‌ بـاد

اللهم‌ّ صل‌ علي‌' سيّدنا محمد و آل‌ سيّدنا محمّد...گلچين‌ بهارستان‌ سخن‌ و گلدستة‌...

Remarks:- Selected from Ghazaliyat, Qat`at, Masnaviyat, va Qasa'ed, PersianPoets, Writers of Persian, such as Ehsan, Khan-e ¢rzu, Haydari SayyedMuhammad `¢ref pen named `¢ref, etc.


Majmu`a-ye Rasa'el

مجموعة‌ رسائل‌

MC No.:-11/2/1-5Subject:- Miscellanea

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 722

D/o. Inscription:- 1225-27 A.H.

Script:- Shekastah Nasta©liqLines:- Variant Folios:- 96 Language:-Persian

Remarks:- This collection consists of five treatises with commentariesmentioned below:

1. Tajnis ol-Loghat = Selk-e Gohar by `Abd or-Rahman
(Farhangmamah)5 Folios.

آغاز: رمل‌ مثمن‌ هشت‌ ركن‌ محذوف‌ فاعلاتن‌ فاعلاتن‌ فاعلاتن‌ فاعلتن‌

Remarks:- Arabic curriculum rendered into Persian.

2. Mofarreh ol-Qolub (translation of ©Hitopdesh¨65 Folios

by Taj Muhammad Mofti al-Malek ben Mo`in od-Din Molki (Indian Epics)

آغاز: حمد و سپاس‌ بي‌قياس‌ مر حضرت‌ پادشاهي‌ را كه‌ از جمله‌ بندگان‌ خويش‌...

Remarks:- Collection of ©Chahar Dastan¨. This is the translation
of Sanskrit Text entitled ©Hitopadesh¨.

3. Wasiyat Nama-ye `Alavi, compild by Shaykh Ahmad Khadem
(edited) (Ethics).2 Folios

آغاز: وصيت‌ نامة‌ حضرت‌ عالم‌ پناه‌ صلي‌ الله عليه‌ و سلّم‌ شيخ‌ احمد خادم‌ روضة‌ منوّره‌...

4. Resala-ye Golbon Farsi by Mawlavi Emam od-Din (Literary text)

آغاز: گلهاي‌ شكر و سپاس‌ به‌ چمن‌ حديقة‌ سزد كه‌ بلبل‌ ناطقة‌ بشر ضعيف‌...

5. Shajarat ol-Amani by Mirza Hasan Dehlavi, pen named ©Qatil¨
(d. 1233 A.H./1817 A.D.) (Rhetoric)

آغاز: فصيح‌ ترين‌ كلامي‌ كه‌ از جوش‌ صفا گوهر شاهوار و لؤلؤي‌ آبدار در عرق‌ خجالت‌...


Tazkera-ye Bozorgan-e Kashmir

تذكرة‌ بزرگان‌ كشمير

MC No.:-11/3Subject:-Biography

Liby. S.No.:- J. Per. 130

Author:- Makhdum Shaykh Hamzah Kashmiri

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-20 Folios:-10 Language:-Persian

Beginning:-... جيلاني‌ رضي‌ الله تعالي‌ عنه‌ كه‌ بود درخواست‌ نمود پس‌ روي‌ كه‌ سعادت‌...

Remarks:- The manuscript is damaged at both the ends. Detailed description ofthe Grand Sufis. It begins with Hamzah Kashmiri and ends with ShaykhMuhammad Hadi Lakhnavi.


Khazana-ye `¢merah

خزانة‌ عامره‌

MC No.:-12/1Subject:- Biography

Liby. S.No.:- J.Per. 106

Author:- Mir Gholam `Ali Hussayni Waseti, pen named ¢zad Belgerami

(d. 1200 A.H./1786 A.D.)

Scribe:- Rostam `Ali

D/o. Inscription:- 1237 A.H.

Script:- Nasta©liq Lines:-19 Folios:-264Language:-Persian

Beginning:-سر كلام‌ را جيغة‌ حمد صانعي‌ كه‌ انسان‌ را بگوهر گرانماية‌ ناطقه‌ نواخت‌ و دهان‌

او را بجواهر زواهر سخن‌ مملو ساخت‌...

Remarks:- Biographical sketches of 106 early and modern poets of Persian anda few nobles, who were living during the said period in India. The compiler wroteon the advice of his nephew Mir `Alaod Dawlah in the year 1176 A.H. It beginswith the poet Anwari and ends with Mir Yusof Belgerami.


Majmu`a-ye Rasa'el

مجموعة‌ رسائل‌

MC No.:-12/2Subject:- Grammar

Liby. S.No.:- Farangi Mahal 220/4

Script:- Nasta©liqLines:-10 Folios:-174 Language:-Persian & Arabic

Remarks:- This collection consists of 5 treatises with the followingCommentaries:

1. Panj Ganj by Mahmud Kami Kashmiri (Persian). 55 Folios.

آغاز: الحمد لله علي‌ ما خلق‌ الانسان‌ و انطق‌ لسان‌ الانسان‌ بكلمات‌ ... بدانكه‌ اين‌ كتابيست‌
مبوّب‌ و مفصّل‌ در تصريف‌ سخن‌ عرب‌...

2. Zobdah by Zahir ben Mahmud ben Mas`ud al-`Alavi. (Arabic) 14 Folios

آغاز: الحمد لله الموصوف‌ بالتصريف‌ المنعوت‌ بالتخفيف‌ ... امّا بعد فقد قال‌ العبد الضعيف‌
الراجي‌ الي‌ رحمة‌ ربّه‌ القوي‌ ...

3. Dastur ol-Mobtadi by Safi ben Nasir (Persian) 79 Folios.

آغاز: الحمد لله الّذي‌ مصرف‌ الاصول‌ و ... پس‌ از حمد و صلوة‌ مي‌گويد بندة‌ ضعيف‌ گنهگار
و شرمسار اميدوار از مغفرت‌ پروردگار...

4. Resalah Me'at-e `¢mel (in Poetical) by Kamaloddin ben Jamaloddin benHossam. 6 Folios.آغاز:

بعد توحيد خداوند و درود مصطفي‌'نعت‌ آن‌ پاك‌ پيغمبر رسول‌ مجتبي‌'

5. Sharh-e-Me'at-e `¢mel by `Abd ol-Qaher ben `Abd or-Rahman
Jorjani (Arabic) 24 Folios.

آغاز: الحمد لله علي‌ نعمائه‌ الشاملة‌ و آياته‌ الكاملة‌ و الصلوة

‌ علي‌ سيّدنا...


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